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How We Do It

We ask the questions that need to be answered to help hospitals drive enterprise-wide IT and clinical projects forward

Most hospitals that we work with struggle with three facets of IT and clinical projects: priorities, resources, and timelines.

We Assign Resources to Fit Specific Needs

Questions we consider and ask in identifying the best resources for a specific need:

  • How many people are on the IT and clinical team?
  • How many resources are dedicated to this effort?
  • How many resources are needed additionally?
  • What is the specific timeline for each module of the EMR system being deployed or upgraded?
  • What are the priorities in the delivery of these systems?  Who does it?
  • Who are the internal stakeholders in these critical efforts?
  • What is the current state of things based on the timeline for meaningful use and attestation?
  • Is there a timeline and delivery dates for these efforts?
  • What applications require integration and interoperability of data?
  • Where are resources allocated today for these projects?

Experience Matters

A typical healthcare IT consultant that we assign will have 10+ years of experience working with IT issues in hospitals.  Our resources understand and have worked with many related issues, such as the EMR build process, business requirements, project management, and delivery milestones.

We bring hospitals the right IT and clinical expertise, at just the right time.