1/4/12 - 4 Healthcare/Technology Predictions for 2012 from Jim Rosenblum

Today we're featuring a quick set of 4 bold predictions for 2012 in the world of healthcare and technology, brought to you by Jim Rosenblum, EVP and CTO of .  Why "bold"?  Jim saw a recent list of vanilla predictions from an online publication and said predictions you can't disagree with serve no purpose.  So here are 4 bold predictions from Jim. 

  • Medical / Wellness Applications will become the new rage bordering on irrational exuberance. I'm talking about applications that are connected to back-end "AI" systems for the consumer and the medical practitioner. Everything from consumer applications that will help diagnose (take a picture of a skin lesion and find out if it is likely cancer), mobile-applications enabling mobile physicians, and new, scary things like "crowd-diagnosing" where images and test results go to the cloud where individuals can "vote" on the diagnosis, etc.
  • Facebook will clearly be in steep decline by year's end. Membership will drop to the extent that some term like "Facebook Defection" or "Facebook Suicide" will make it into a Time magazine article. Facebook, will be added to the list of companies, alongside Palm and Rim, acting as cautionary tales of how market leaders can dramatically bite the dust.
  • Something called "Functional Programming Languages" will become sufficiently mainstream that non-technical business leaders will ask what all the fuss is about. You will be hearing about programming languages with names like Haskel, Clojure, and Erlang. Even non-techies will encounter these names in articles with names like "the most important technologies to know…" If you became aware of the buzz surrounding a programming language called Ruby in 2005, you will hear of Functional Programming in the same sort of way.
  • Microsoft will be in a new ascendency thanks to the strength of its new operating systems, and its mobile-phone OS will be identified as the most unfairly overlooked mobile phone in the market.

If you disagree, let's hear from you.

Jim Rosenblum's bio:

Jim Rosenblum serves as EVP and CTO for Care Logistics, developers of a proprietary Hospital Operating SystemTM that coordinates and integrates all the clinical and non-clinical patient movements and order executions occurring in a hospital environment to achieve choreographed patient flow.  Since joining the company in 2007, Jim focuses on defining Care Logistics' product strategy and development, as well as scaling the organization and its processes to support the company's growth. Most recently, he served as CTO for Emmi Solutions where he was integral in shaping their technology vision, strategic planning, developing software, and managing product development and healthcare information technology departments. Prior to Emmi Solutions, he served in senior executive roles at I-trax and Ikadega. At I-trax, Inc., a healthcare management company, he was their CIO responsible for the company's technology platform, product management, software development and QA departments. Prior to that Rosenblum was CTO of Allscripts, Inc., a billion dollar healthcare information technology company. At Allscripts, Rosenblum managed the product development of its highly successful, hand-held physician prescribing system and was a leader in transitioning the company to its Internet strategy. He contributed significantly to Allscripts becoming a billion dollar company, following its successful IPO. Rosenblum is a Certified Professional in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CPHIMS).

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