1/16/12 - Random Thoughts

It's a clear, cool day here in Atlanta.

  • We're seeing more discussions involving Horizon and Paragon.  That is, hospitals already very deep in implementations with Horizon, and those equally far along with Paragon.  It seems the biggest emotion is a general irritation with McKesson on tabling Horizon, but the lack of specifics on how and when means most facilites are moving along as they have been.
  • CAGR.  Healthcare IT daily news feeds include at least 3 notices a week about some third party vendor who has assessed the global health IT market at X billion dollars by 2017 -- actually any year about 5 to 8 years out.  Pick one.  They always take the time to mention this is based on compounded annual growth rate (CAGR), and the reports are available for about $3k to $5k each.  Could be more.  I assume someone must be paying for these but I'm not sure why.
  • Check Engine Light.  Interesting to note that regardless of what the experts say, hospitals do not consistently require certification of project managers they hire -- whether full-time or of contractors.  Certainly some do.  Those who are serious about certification tend to be extremely serious about it.  But many others -- actually, most others -- simply want the experience.  It's an interesting dialogue, but as one hospital CTO put it to me, "When my car breaks down, I need a good mechanic.  I can live with him not being certified, but he can't be inexperienced."
  • Now Playing.  The wonderful, weird song "Back Down South" by Kings of Leon.  Check it.  A great song that closes with laughter.  How can you beat that?

Over and out.


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