4/22/12 - Random Thoughts

Listening to a lot of old Guy Clark songs this weekend, and he's got enough nuggets of truth to keep the wildest of us between the lines.

  • "I'd rather go hungry, than to eat lonesome stew." -- From Magnolia Wind
  • "When the final line unfolds, it don't always rhyme."  -- From Homeless
  • "Life's a tune you whistle in the dark." -- From Bag of Bones
  • "One man's hawk is another man's dove." -- From Hank Williams Said It Best
  • "My father had a Randall knife, my mother gave it to him, when he went off to World War 2, to save us all from ruin." -- From Randall Knife
  • "Maybe I can paint over that." -- From Maybe I Can Paint Over That
  • "Spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape."  -- From The Cape
Posted by Jack Williams at 12:03


    Seth said...
    Love the Guy Clark references! "Unless you ain't made no mistakes in your life, be careful of the stones that you throw"
    April 30, 2012 15:04

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